LAST week, EU leaders granted the UK a six-month extension to Brexit.

The new deadline of October 31 meant that we did not crash out of the EU last Friday with no deal - the nightmare cliff-edge scenario that would have done so much harm.

This extension is very good news indeed, and I’m grateful to our EU partners for their tolerance of our domestic political crisis, and for their shared desire to prevent a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.

This provides us with time to agree a deal in Parliament and then put that to the people for a final say in a confirmatory vote – which I believe is the only way to end this chaos.

After news of the delay was officially announced in the Commons by the PM, I told her again why a People’s Vote is the only way to break the deadlock.

I said: “I welcome this extension and the ruling-out of a catastrophic no deal.

"I also welcome the talks going on between our two parties, because it is important that we try to find consensus and attempt to break the deadlock.

"However, I warn the Prime Minister that attempting to de-couple the issue of a deal from whether it goes back to the people for their confirmation will not be acceptable to many people on the Opposition Benches, or indeed an increasing number on her own.

"Will she recognise that the only way to break the deadlock will be a confirmatory vote, putting this issue back to the people?”

In response, the PM could only offer her usual, tired, Brexit-means-Brexit answer.

On the weekend I was in North Wales for the annual Welsh Labour Conference.

It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with different organisations and campaigns, to discuss local and national issues.

Among others, I met my own GMB union to talk about taxis in Cardiff and civilian policing staff; the Police Federation to talk about police drivers, funding and the challenges of rising crime and demand on services; my sister party the Co-operative Party to support their campaign on food justice; the Terrence Higgins Trust to support their campaigns on PreP and sexual health; the BHF to focus on CPR skills and the importance of teaching first aid; Citizens Advice to wish them happy 80th birthday and thank them for the support they provide locally; and WWF to support their campaigns on nature and climate change.