BLOOD donations from Penarth residents have helped improve or save almost 200 lives, said the Welsh Blood Service.

Residents rolled up their sleeves on April 9 to give blood at a Welsh Blood Service donation session at Tesco Penarth on Terra Nova Way, and the service hopes to make an even bigger impact in May.

Shoppers, staff and Penarth residents were among 64 that attended to give blood, including 11 first-time donors.

The donations collected could potentially save or improve the lives of up to 192 patients in need.

Jacqui Haines, of Penarth, was a nurse for 46 years in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan before her retirement. Jacqui knows first-hand the difference blood donations can make to patients in need in Wales.

She said: “I used to give blood intermittently for many years.

“However, it wasn’t until my brother was recently diagnosed with throat cancer that the importance of giving blood was pushed to the forefront of my mind once again.

“My brother is now making a full recovery, but I still continue to give blood to help other patients of cancer and other illnesses across Wales.”

The Welsh Blood Service needs 100,000 units of blood each year to help patients across Wales.

Blood is used to support patients with a range of needs, including replacing blood lost during serious accidents, helping mothers and babies that require blood after childbirth, and supporting cancer patients through chemotherapy.

Sarah Thompson, of Barry, an employee at the Penarth supermarket, used her lunch break to make a lifesaving donation.

She said: “Many years ago, I experienced first-hand the importance of giving blood when my son, Adam, required blood following his premature birth.

“Donating was very quick, easy and convenient.

“Since the Welsh Blood Service has been coming to Tesco, I have made an effort to give; whether it be on my break or at the end of the day.”

With a number of donation sessions available in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, there are many opportunities for new and existing donors to give blood.

The Welsh Blood Service will be at Tesco Penarth again on Tuesday May 14.

With availability throughout the day, you can book your appointment online here:

For more information, visit or call 0800 252 266.