OFFICERS in Penarth are warning the public to be vigilant after a couple lost £10,000 to fraudsters last week.

South Wales Police is currently investigating the scam, after the pair were called out of the blue by someone claiming to be from their bank.

The fraudsters told the victim money was being removed from their account, and to keep it safe, they needed to move their money into another account.

Penarth Inspector Andy Rice said: “We'd urge everyone to remember that the police, banks or HMRC would never contact you and ask for you to transfer money to ‘keep safe’ – this is a scam.

“These fraudsters are manipulative, calculating and operate extremely professionally, and it is understandable that victims may believe these calls to be genuine. In this case, it appears the fraudsters have spoofed the telephone number of the victims’ bank.

“Our advice is to treat all unsolicited calls with caution. Do not feel pressurised into making a quick decision - a genuine organisation won’t mind giving you time to stop and think.

“If you have received any suspicious calls you can report it on 101 or Action Fraud 0300 123 2040.”