CREW members from Penarth's RNLI helped rescue a fishing vessel tangled in discarded chain yesterday.

Volunteer crew members from Penarth RNLI station were paged shortly after 5.25pm on Monday evening.

The skipper of a fishing vessel called for assistance as his own anchor and chain had become caught in a much larger discarded anchor and chain.

The skipper was the only person on board and there were concerns for his safety as he tried to retrieve both anchors and a large amount of chain.

Fortunately for the volunteers, the vessel was a very short distance from the lifeboat station slipway, and crews were already attending just 30 seconds after launch.

Crew members offered assistance, soon freeing the casualty vessel which was able to continue on its way.

The discarded anchor and chain, which looked to have been in the water for some time, was brought back to shore to prevent it posing a risk to other vessels.