THIS has been a tumultuous political week, in Parliament, around the country and across Europe.

There is no getting around it; we must call the result of the European election what it is – a huge wake up call for UK Labour and Welsh Labour.

But the vote for those parties who (like the majority of Labour MPs) clearly oppose a reckless Tory 'No-Deal' Brexit and are campaigning for a final say in a public vote, was incredibly strong.

The Brexit Party and Farage’s divisive far right politics were not supported by around two-thirds of voters – and it is absolutely clear therefore that No Deal was rejected.

But the truth is that the country remains divided, and the only way to resolve this is to go back to the British people in a confirmatory referendum.

UK Labour must now back this policy clearly, and I’m pleased to see senior shadow cabinet members speaking out on this.

I therefore also welcome the clarity from Welsh Labour’s First Minister Mark Drakeford who said: “Faced with the damage of a hard line Tory Brexit, Welsh Labour believes that the final decision must be made by the public in a referendum.

"And for the avoidance of any doubt, a Welsh Labour Government would campaign, in such a vote, for Wales to remain in the EU.

"We will work with any others who seek the same outcome.”

It is easy to claim to know what the will of the people is – but the only way to find out is to actually ask them.

This is what the hard line Brexiteers are afraid of.

As poor as the European election results were for Labour, the Conservative vote completely collapsed, and their party is in absolute turmoil.

With Theresa May announcing that she will depart soon, we are already seeing the posturing of Tory MPs who want to become their party’s new leader and therefore (unelected and untested with no public mandate) the Prime Minister.

Any new Tory leader must realise two crucial facts:

1) that there is NO majority in Parliament or in the country for a reckless No Deal Brexit – as the results of the European elections make clear; and

2) the ONLY way to resolve this chaos is to put the issue back to the people, and for the public to have a final say on how we move forward.