WE have recently had a number of reports of large groups of teenagers coming by train to Penarth and behaving in an anti-social manner.

Their behaviour is intimidating and will not be tolerated in our community. We’ve had reports of youths consuming alcohol, using nitrous oxide canisters along with reports of damage caused to motor vehicles.

Officers are working with British Transport Police to tackle this issue.

Alcohol has been confiscated from groups of youths and a number of anti-social behaviour referrals orders have been made.

Patrols have increased around the anti-social behaviour hotspots and operations at the train stations and surrounding areas will continue.

I would also like to raise awareness of rogue traders in the area.

Last week, officers attended to an address after concerns were raised about an elderly woman being asked to pay a large sum of money to have her patio cleaned.

No money was exchanged and enquiries are ongoing into this incident.

Residents should be wary of anyone who arrives at their property unannounced and uninvited and they should always verify callers are who they say they are.

We would advise people not to allow cold callers access to their property, to get at least two separate quotes before agreeing to have any work being carried out, to look out for their elderly relatives and neighbours, be vigilant and to contact the police immediately if they are approached by any suspicious individuals.

If you see something suspicious or have any information related to this activity then call us on 101 or on 999 if appropriate.