A ROBBERY victim wrote a heartwarming letter to South Wales Police, thanking them after an ordeal with a man from Penarth.

The 72-year-old woman was threatened at knife point by Abul Kalam, of Penarth in April.

A quick police response to the attempted robbery in Butetown, Cardiff led to the arrest of the suspect within two hours.

The woman, who was left understandably shaken by the incident, wrote to the police to thank them for their support.

The letter said: "Dear Sir,

"I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to your officers who responded when I was a victim of an attempted bag snatch at knife point on Monday, April 29 at approximately 9.35am.

"The response of your officers was prompt following the 999 call made by staff from Portland House, and, later at the police station, were very supportive and reassuring to me throughout their investigation.

"I was relieved that your officers apprehended the man who threatened me.

"Please thank them from the bottom of my heart (I am thankful it is still beating!)

"This incident proves without doubt that when there are sufficient police resources to respond to any incident they are more likely to keep the public safe.

"This man is now off the street where he cannot threaten to stab anyone else.

"Thank you again."

The suspect, Abul Kalam, 42, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and has been jailed for four years.