IT was fantastic last week to be able to join representatives of Penarth Windsor Tennis Club at Wimbledon, where they were receiving a Lawn Tennis Association award for running Competition of the Year.

This national recognition by the sport’s governing body is brilliant news for the club and a massive achievement, as there were more than 1500 nominations in 17 award categories.

The LTA Tennis Awards acknowledge the thousands of individuals involved in the sport across the UK – from 25,000 volunteers to 4,400 coaches and nearly 1,000 officials.

They also highlight the incredible achievements of some 20,000 schools, 2,700 clubs and over 9,700 LTA approved tournaments.

The extraordinary contribution of these individuals and venues help to open the sport up, bringing new fans and players to the game.

So congratulations to all at Windsor on their success – and indeed thanks to everyone locally who runs or helps out at the many sports clubs in Penarth.

They simply couldn’t carry on without the dedication of volunteers and club members.

It was great to meet activists from the constituency who had travelled from Penarth, Butetown, Rumney and Llanrumney to Westminster, for the recent ‘The Time is Now’ climate change lobby outside Parliament.

They have my full support as we all battle the climate emergency we are facing.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made clear that we need to act on climate change over the next 12 years or forever miss the opportunity.

The UN's World Meteorological Organization, meanwhile, has found that the impacts of climate change are accelerating as record greenhouse gas concentrations drive global temperatures towards increasingly dangerous levels.

Everything the government and we in parliament do must therefore be judged by whether we are making progress on reducing carbon emissions and fighting the effects of climate change.

This means doing things in an entirely different way, so we have a permanent low-carbon sustainable economy.

We must use all the powers of government to decarbonise our economy, implementing a green industrial revolution to benefit the entire country.

I support plans for a seven-fold increase in offshore wind, a doubling of onshore wind and a near tripling of solar power.

This would be enough to power 19.5 million homes and generate over 400,000 jobs.

We must make all new homes zero-carbon and decarbonise our transport system by investing in public transport and cycle paths to reduce our reliance on carbon-emitting vehicles.