A CORNERSTONE of Penarth is celebrating 20 years in the town.

Saagor, Glebe Street’s Indian takeaway, has long been a foodie’s treasure .

During that time, owner and manager Hasan Roap has seen plenty of changes.

“Saagor was started up by my brother Abdur Rahim Roap,” he said. “My brother retired from Saagor a year ago, and we’ve kept it going through all sorts – higher business rates, increased ingredient prices, the rise of things like Just Eat.”

"Actually, Just East has been a problem for a lot of takeaways. They charge very high prices for listings, and a lot of independent places struggle to pay - but if you aren't on them, fewer and fewer people order from you. A lot of independents have tried breaking away. It's a hard one."

It's not all bad though.

"I love Penarth. The people are lovely, we have a lot of great customers. It's a fantastic community and we've really built a name for ourselves here, with the expertise of our staff. Though naturally a lot of the orders are Kormas and Massalas, they're definitely the most popular!

“I do wonder what will happen over the next 20 years. I can see things getting even more online-focused. And the number of takeaways has really exploded in recent years – competition is fierce. But we’re proud to have gone this long, and I truly hope to see us through at least the next 20 years as well.”

Saagor is celebrating its anniversary on Glebe Street with banners, plus discounts across the week.