A PREHISTORIC themed Vegan Fair will be held at Penarth Paget Rooms on Sunday, August 11.

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fairs, running from 1pm to 5pm, will charge adults £1, with children under 16 going free.

Meat-eaters, veggies and vegans will love the event.

Many meat-eaters return again and again, making the transition to veganism inspiring the Prehistoric theme.

This year organiser Sue Thomas is thrilled to announce vegan GP Dr Sue Kenneally will give a talk on stage at 3pm entitled ‘Take the ‘die’ out of diet’.

The talk, taking roughly 30 to 45 minutes, will see the speaker, nutritionist, GP and writer discuss her turn to a plant-based diet.

Leaflets from plant-based health professionals will be given out and visitors are encouraged to talk with Dr Keneally before the event.

Sue Thomas said: “Dr Keneally is so passionate and I can tell such a natural person. She is the type of person you feel you have known all your life.

“I met her for lunch yesterday at the opening of the fabulous Greens Vegan in Cardiff for lunch. She is one of the most magical, unassuming people I have ever met, beautiful inside and out.

“Sue is a person I would put all my faith in to discuss a medical condition, and I would not hesitate to recommend visiting her privately about plant-based lifestyle medicine.

“Discuss her appointments available at Cyncoed Cardiff Consulting Rooms.”

Amazing vegan and vegetarian food can be found across the event.

Hot food is served upstairs, with Caribbean, Indian and Kenyan dishes served by Caerphilly’s The Vegan Box Limited. Tables and chairs will be set out for lunch from 1pm. Takeaways are also available.

Downstairs will see stalls including:

l A double stall from Windsor Fruit Stores, Penarth, selling organic fruit and veg and vegan goodies

l Crepe Escape of Penarth selling refreshments and wonderful slices of vegan cakes

l Mr Nice Pie

l Alice’s Vegan Kitchen

l Cakes from the fabulous Naked Vegan

l Gluten-free chocolates from Irene Duncan

And we are thrilled to have the soft-served, coconut-based ice cream from Greens Vegan. Greens Vegan is the new, totally vegan company recently opened at 10, Windsor Place, Cardiff.

Tropic will sell cruelty-free makeup and skincare products.

Norwex Household Products and Utility Warehouse will have stalls.

Children will love the biodegradable glitter facepainting and Jessica Abbot will also sell beautiful cruelty-free makeup, suitable for vegans.

In the Prehistoric Fun corner in the foyer, there will be dinosaurs colouring and more. Nicola Hale of Penarth-based Dunwich Pottery will help children and adults get into pottery painting, with dinosaurs and various other prehistoric characters to paint.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary and Dean Farm Trust will be operating their usual free stalls, and the event will have a cat rescue stall.

If it isn’t too hot out, organiser Sue Thomas will dress as a crocodile to meet and greet attendees, and encourages visitors to dress up too.

Ms Thomas said: “This will be a wonderful event. Since I became a vegan 12 years ago, my health has improved - I have a lot more energy, and managed to give up heavy drinking and smoking.

“I drink a lot more water and found a love of fruit and vegetables. I must admit I do eat lots of vegan junkfood, but I have never felt better, rarely taking a tablet or visit a doctor.”

To find out more, find Absolutely Fabulous Vegan fairs on Facebook, or visit https://tinyurl.com/yy82hhln