A VALE actor with roles in some of the biggest series on TV will be running the show at a Vale castle.

Ross O’Henessey has been an actor at Cosmeston Medieval Village for 19 years, and appeared as the Lord of Bones in the hit HBO show Game of Thrones and Sir Locke in medieval drama The Bastard Executioner.

But now he is turning his hand to other pursuits - the creation of an interactive historical hotspot in Fonmon Castle.

Mr O’Henessey said: “I’ve always had a great passion for Welsh history, starting from my time at the Shakespeare Academy and spurred on by working as a historical advisor at Cosmeston.

“I think our history is actually quite neglected. We learn about the Romans, World War Two, the American Civil War at school, but most people have never been taught about the history of their own country.

“We have more castles than any other country in the world per square mile, and that’s something worth celebrating.”

Fonmon Castle is a rarity among Welsh castles, uniquely well-suited to creating interactive events like jousting, workshops, Renaissance and Steampunk fairs, and many more.

“Fonmon Castle is one of the few Welsh castles that is still lived in,” explained Mr O’Henessey. “It has remained within two families since it was built by the Marcher Lords during the Norman invasion.

“It recently it was sold to a very friendly couple and they headhunted me in order to help them turn the castle around, to open it up to the public and help teach people more about Welsh history.

“They’ve basically provided me a blank cheque. I want people to wake up in the mornings, and wonder ‘what shall we do today at Fonmon Castle?’”

The first of these events, on Wednesday, August 28, will feature medieval re-enactments, living history displays, medieval combat lessons, have-a-go archery, children’s play areas and dino walks - and will be free.

“We have so much history to offer as a country,” said Mr O’Henessey. “I want to really start to show it off.”

To find out more, email info@fonmoncastle.com