WITH A-level and GCSE students collecting their results this week and next, advice is available to help them choose their next step.

A-level results are released today, Thursday, while GCSE results come out next Thursday, August 22.

And Working Wales is encouraging young people in the Vale to consider all the options available to them.

Working Wales, delivered by Careers Wales, is the Welsh Government’s free service to help people aged 16 and over progress with their career choices and find long-term employment.

Data released by Careers Wales in the run-up to results shows that, in 2018, 63.5 per cent of A-level students in the Vale progressed to university, while four per cent went into work-based training or other employment. A further 57.9 per cent opted for school after year 11 while 30.1 per cent opted for college at the end of their GCSE studies.

The latest report shows that pupils who chose full time education after year 11 were more likely to choose college than sixth form, with 6.6 per cent more pupils choosing this route. A higher proportion of females than males chose to remain in school. Most of the cohort from year 11 - 92.1 per cent - went into some form of continued learning such as full or part-time education or work-based training).

In year 13, 76 per cent of respondents went into a form of continued learning, with 59.8 per cent of the cohort progressing into higher education. Of this, 7.9 per cent more females than males progressed to higher education.

A total of 12.1 per cent of respondents from year 13, and 7.8 per cent of year 11s entered employment or work-based training.

Nikki Lawrence, Careers Wales chief executive said: “Whether you’re considering going into work, continuing with full-time education or wondering how to make the most of a year out, there are now more options than ever available to young people. We have resources and advisers on hand to help you make an informed decision that is the best for you.”

Students and their parents, carers and teachers can also access free advice and support online at workingwales.gov.wales For more information, search Working Wales Start Your Story or call 0800 028 4844.