ALMOST a hundred people braved torrential rain and high winds to take part in a walk organised by the Save Dinas Powys Woods and Protect Homes from Flooding action group.

The walk aimed to highlight the impact of a proposal by National Resources Wales (NRW) to construct a dam 60m wide and 3.5m high in the meadow at the Woodland Trust site in Dinas Powys.

NRW proposed the dam as one option to alleviate potential flood risk.

The proposal has met with significant criticism and opposition as it will damage ancient woodland, use up to £7m of public money and could restrict access to a popular recreational area.

Paul Keeping, a resident of Michaelston le Pit, set up the action group to persuade NRW to rethink their proposal. He said: “We have discovered what appear to be inconsistencies, errors and omissions in the reports on which the NRW has based the proposal.With costs ranging from £2m to £7m, we believe there are more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives - such as improving river flow at the Cross Common and Barry Road bridges.”

Cathy Farr, the group member who led the walk, said: “The destruction of precious ancient woodland to build a dam is financially and morally indefensible. When I stood in the meadow where the dam will be constructed and saw what we stand to lose, I nearly wept.

"We held up a staff to display the height of the dam and formed a human chain to demonstrate the length of the structure - the dam alone will be the size of football field.

"These places provide vital habitat for birds, mammals, pollinators, and other woodland species. With all the new development in Dinas Powys recently, we just can’t afford to lose what we’ve got left."

Tim England, operations manager for Natural Resources Wales, said: “We are currently considering a number of options to reduce the flood risk in Dinas Powys: these include flood defences through Dinas Powys, upstream flood storage area and natural flood management.

“We talked through these options with residents at recent community council meetings. We have listened to their views and also those raised through our previous consultation over the last few years. We are now using this information to inform the best way forward.

“The next step is for us to produce an outline business case with a recommended preferred option, which we will share with the local community to give them a chance to provide their feedback.”

There will be another walk to protest the dam on Sunday, September 15 at 2pm, meeting at the junction of Pen y Turnpike Road and Millbrook Road car park.

Further details on walks can be found on Facebook and Twitter at Save Dinas Powys Woods and Protect Homes from Flooding or at or