A PENARTH family put on a spectacular outdoor event to raise money for the hospital that saved their daughter’s life.

One-year-old Mistie-Fleur Jones had an operation in June to fix a series of complicated heart conditions.

She had spent 54 days in hospital in Bristol, where her family had travelled every day to keep her company - but is now at home with her family and on the road to recovery.

Community event A Day for Mistie, which was was held on Tennyson Road-Green on Saturday, August 31, was organised by her family to give back to the hospital that gave their daughter a new lease of life.

The colourful and lively event included bouncy castles, raffles, charity sales, facepainting by GlitterBal and more.

Together the Jones family raised £1076.45 for charity Above and Beyond, which serves hospitals in Bristol City Centre.

“It went really, really well. So smoothly,” said mum Stephanie. “We’ve been planning it since the beginning of August - so the whole thing has been arranged in four weeks. It was stressful putting it all together, but very much worth it.

“We held the event as our way of saying thank you, of giving back to the ward.

“Mistie has certainly enjoyed it - I think she found it a bit overwhelming at first but it’s been a lot of fun for her.”

Karlie Evans, communities and events fundraising officer for Above and Beyond said: “It was amazing - the whole community came out for it.

“The family have been so enthusiastic in their support for the staff and this is such a lovely way to give back.

“The donations are flying out - and the kids are lovely too.”

“There’s a couple of people I want to give particular thanks to,” said Ms Jones. “A huge one is to the Clive Arms, who donated £400.

“The pub had opened a ‘swear box’, charging patrons 10p for each curse word. It was a fantastic idea and they did really well.

“I also want to thank Michelle Bousie. She’s a very good friend who helped us organise the event and has continued to play a huge role throughout the past few months.”