As ever with Brexit, things change rapidly.

At the time of writing the Government is facing a number of challenges in the Supreme Court over the decision to gag Parliament.

I believe this is just one of a serious of truly extraordinary decisions which are risking the constitutional principles the UK is founded on.

Last week the Court of Session in Scotland ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was unlawful.

I have been leading cross party efforts with former Attorney-General Dominic Grieve to try to force the Government to release documents about the reasons for the prorogation and the shocking ‘no deal’ plans.

When I and other MPs heard about the judgement of the Scottish Court, we headed back to Parliament to demand we be given the chance to hold the Prime Minister to account.

joined cross-party representatives outside the famous St Stephen’s entrance, demanding that we be allowed to represent our constituents.

I cannot overemphasise the seriousness of the times we are in.

We now have a PM who has shut down Parliament and potentially misadvised the Queen. Ministers have attacked our independent judges. The Government is spending millions on an advertising campaign that appears to conflict with an Act of Parliament and all the meanwhile jobs, security and stability are put further and further at risk.

Boris Johnson is playing Russian roulette with all of our lives over Brexit, and we cannot stand by and let him do it.

The last three years have been a shambles, and it is clear we will now need to go back to the people for them to have the final say.

That is why the case for a People’s Vote, where a credible deal is put to the British people, with the option to Remain, provides the best and most democratic ways of ending this crisis.

Readers will know I think Brexit is a disaster for our jobs, security and international standing – and so would campaign resolutely to Remain in that scenario.

Either way, I believe we need to heal some of the divisions in this country and get back to focusing on the issues we all want to talk about.

Despite the Brexit chaos, I’ve continued to work hard on lots of other issues locally.

It was a real pleasure to attend the Penarth Picnic at the weekend, and I want to thank Penarth Town Council, Production 78 and all those involved for a great event – showcasing the best of Penarth’s wonderful community spirit.