ON Tuesday we saw the judgement of the Supreme Court, which ruled that the suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson was unlawful, and that the prorogation was therefore null and void.

This was the unanimous judgement of 11 Justices, sitting in the highest court in the UK.

Despite the claims of the PM and cabinet ministers, and protestations from Johnson’s legal team, the truth was clear – this was no ‘normal’ prorogation before a Queen’s Speech.

The unprecedented five-week suspension was a cynical attempt to prevent MPs doing our job as elected representatives, to stifle debate at this critical time, and to gag democracy.

Johnson has been well and truly found out.

He lied to the Queen, he lied to Parliament and MPs, and he lied to the country about his reasons for proroguing Parliament.

The Supreme Court judges were absolutely clear in their judgement, and this is a huge victory for the rule of law and democracy.

Johnson’s position is untenable. He has no mandate, no majority and no morals. He should resign.

I immediately returned to Parliament to hold this appalling PM and Government to account, not only on Brexit but also on all the things that people care about – like pensions, benefits, sanctions, health, police, refugees, climate change, international trade, EU citizens, the middle east, fracking, Northern Ireland, sexual violence, child poverty – all the things that Johnson saw fit to put on hold to suit his own political ends.

As I said in the emergency debate on Prorogation prior to the unlawful suspension of Parliament: “Many constituents have told me they are not interested in the procedures and the chicanery; they are interested in their lives, and what difference the proceedings here makes to them.”

My colleagues and I promised that despite the unlawful and unconstitutional delay to business, we would not be silenced – we have not been, and we WILL speak up for our constituents against this undemocratic government.

As a Welsh Labour MP I will campaign for Remain in all circumstances.

I will not support a Brexit that makes people poorer, less safe, takes away opportunities for our young people, or puts peace in Ireland and Northern Ireland at risk – and it’s only by co-operation that we can tackle the climate emergency.

On that subject, it was wonderful to meet so many passionate young constituents from Penarth and Cardiff at the Climate Strike rally outside the Senedd on Friday.

They have my complete support!