IT was fantastic to join my constituency colleague Vaughan Gething AM and fellow Welsh Labour Cardiff MPs Jo Stevens and Anna McMorrin on Saturday, campaigning for a Final Say and a People’s Vote for everyone on Brexit.

The march and rally, organised by Wales for Europe, was hugely well attended and I was delighted to see people there from across Penarth and Cardiff - and indeed representing many parts of Wales.

We won’t be intimidated by threats from Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, trying to drag us off a no-deal Brexit cliff that would wreck jobs, threaten our safety and security, and block opportunities for our young people.

Meanwhile threats against MPs and public figures are increasing, which is sadly not surprising when Farage is threatening “the knife” and the Number 10 team of Johnson and Cummings are whipping up dangerous division in Parliament and the media. They must know that there are real-world consequences from dangerous language.

I have many friends who took a respectful and different view from me on Brexit. Like the overwhelming majority of Welsh and British people, they are perfectly capable of expressing that view without resorting to threats, aggression or violence.

We must all learn to disagree well, however robust our views; and remember that we all share this country and this planet - and that we genuinely have more in common.

Meanwhile, it has been another extraordinary week in these turbulent political times.

After we had the shock news that I wrote about last week – that the Supreme Court had delivered a unanimous judgement that Parliament should not have been shut down by the PM – we were able to go back immediately.

I was straight back to Westminster having meetings with colleagues, holding the government to account, and of course getting back to work not just on Brexit but on many other issues.

I was able to raise concerns in the Commons on behalf of constituents relating to the Thomas Cook collapse, which has affected everybody from holiday-makers to pilots to holiday reps and retail workers in the constituency; and to call for a debate on the incineration of waste.

And on Monday, I joined Allied Steel and Wire Pensioners from the constituency, and others hit by pensions theft, to hand in a petition to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. They deserve justice on their pensions and have my full support.