ROAD WORKS are under way in Penarth until February of next year, though several affected residents have hit out, saying they were not informed of the extent of the developments.

Traffic management will be in place for the Windsor Road / Plassey Street Improvement Scheme.

Roadworks will be in place from Monday, October 7 for approximately 21 weeks, the end of February 2020.

The project has been funded by £1.4m of Section 106 cash from the developer of Penarth Heights, for highway improvements and sustainable transport in the town.

The Vale council scheme plans to improve the experience of pedestrians and cyclists around the junction of Windsor Road and Plassey Street, create a more picturesque gateway into Penarth town centre, alter the roundabout, extend pedestrian pathways, and build crossings and rain gardens.

Read more about the planned roadworks here.

Richard Stapleton lives on the street. His home has lost its parking space to the redevelopment. He said: “It’s frustrating that we didn’t know the extent of developments until Saturday evening when the Vale tweeted plans.

“Roadworks have happened here before but they’ve not been as fundamentally life changing - the council didn’t say how big the impact on us would be during the survey or the consultation period.

“They haven’t given any alternative parking provisions. We have had nine spaces taken away, which means 18 cars will be battling for spaces.

“We understand the need to reduce cars and danger in the area but the way it’s been done will lead to reductions in house prices and make parking difficult for current residents. There are elderly people here, people with kids, how are they going to park all the way uphill? I had to go to casualty recently and this can make the difference between getting in the car outside and being in pain while my wife gets the car several streets away.

“Out of the council’s survey of 4000 only 470 people replied, and 350 picked this option. I agree we need change, but going by the small number of people who actually wanted this it strikes me as something pushed through.

“From my perspective - and that of other residents here - the council could have been far more open and communicative during the process.”

Mike Clogg, Vale council operational manager for neighbourhood services and transport, said: “The council consulted widely on these proposals from May 14 to July 9 last year, a process that allowed residents to have their say by responding to the online survey, writing to the council or attending one of two drop-in sessions held at Belle Vue Pavilion.

“Four potential routes were proposed before this one was selected, a decision that was reached after 80 per cent of survey respondents identified this as their first or second choice.

“The views of other interested parties were also considered, while there was also significant media coverage on the matter.

“It is difficult to please everyone when it comes to highway improvement schemes, but this project should be of major benefit to Penarth, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.

“It is part of a wider scheme of work involving building a new skate park at Penarth Leisure Centre and improvements to The Dingle Park.

“It is hoped the scheme will encourage more people to walk to these locations and provide children with a safer route to the leisure centre and local schools.

“Improvements to the junction will also create a more attractive entrance to Penarth, while new plants, railings and public art will improve the appearance of The Dingle Park.”