A CAFE in Penarth is the first food outlet in town to go entirely waste-free.

Foxy’s Deli, on Victoria Road, has dropped plastic packaged food and ingredients in their offerings.

The café also sells loose food and ingredients, for people to fill their own containers with as much or as little as they need – removing the need to sell products in packing.

Sian Fox, owner of Foxy’s Deli, said: “I was inspired by ‘Ripple’ in Cardiff at first. They launched the first completely zero waste store in the area. I’ve emulated them on the food side. We use glass milk bottles for our coffees, for example – before, we were probably putting out a whole recycling bag of plastic milk bottles every day.

“The zero waste items we sell are basic cupboard bits. Things like rice, muesli, pasta and so on. All kinds of people have gotten into it. You can buy a tea spoon of paprika instead of a whole pot.

“”The people of Penarth have loved it – they’ve brought along containers and filled them up themselves. It’s making people feel good, knowing they aren’t producing more waste.

“We’re using these items for cooking in the deli, so people can get more ideas to be creative. We’re also asking what we should stock – we’ve just chosen what we think would sell. So if you want hazelnuts or whatever – tell us.”