MONDAY saw the State Opening of Parliament – and probably the weakest of Queen’s Speeches we have ever heard.

It came from a government pursuing a catastrophic Brexit that will do untold damage to our economy and country, while at the same time making completely uncosted spending promises.

There was a complete lack of meaningful commitment to tackle the climate crisis facing us all.

Yet they had room for proposals for widespread voter suppression and a punitive immigration policy.

This is a government with no majority, no mandate and no morals, making promises despite knowing it will not be able to get legislation through Parliament.

No-one should be fooled by Boris Johnson’s sham Queen’s Speech.

We don’t need any more Tory false promises and lies. We need a UK Labour Government that will stand up for the many.

The Tories have been cutting budgets for nearly 10 years now.

Since 2010 they have scrapped over 21,000 frontline police officers.

In the last year alone more than 200,000 children were pushed into absolute poverty.

Boris Johnson has sought to divide our country.

Labour would immediately raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour for all ages, increase funding to Welsh Government for the NHS, and kickstart a green revolution.

On Saturday it is expected that MPs will return to Westminster to sit for a highly unusual session in Parliament, as we reach the critical stage of the Brexit process.

Weekend sittings are very rare, and the House has only sat on four Saturdays since 1939 – on September 2, 1939 at the outbreak of World War II; on July 30,1949 as a final summer sitting; on November 3, 1956 to debate the Suez Crises; and on April 3, 1982 over the Falkland Islands invasion.

A Saturday sitting, two days after the EU summit, is likely to be a decisive moment in determining the future of our country.

Saturday will also see a ‘Together for the Final Say’ march to Parliament Square.

When a similar march took place earlier this year an estimated million people of all ages, from every corner of the UK and from all walks of life, took part – including many from Penarth and Cardiff who travelled to London to make their voices heard.

Their message was absolutely clear then – and mine remains the same now - that the people must be given a final say on this Brexit disaster.