A COMMUNITY campaign has been launched to fight against developments in Cosmeston.

Cosmeston Country park cafe was the location of a public meeting and the start of a campaign against proposals by the Welsh Government to build houses on land on and around Lower Cosmeston Farm.

Cllr Kevin Mahoney said: “Several fears were raised over the contents of the former tip on part of the site, with a number of residents claiming that chemicals and possibly asbestos were among the many potentially dangerous items deposited over the period that the tip was in use as witnessed by themselves at the time.

“The destruction of noted historic buildings and associated archaeology details of which were recently reported by the Penarth Times also featured highly.”

The plans on the Welsh Government-owned land stretching from Lavernock Road to the coast include a new primary school, community facilities and public open space.

Cllr Mahoney said: “Speaker after speaker spoke with incredulity that developers could possibly think that existing health, dental and other social, road and transport infrastructures could cope with new development on this scale when all of these services are already failing to cope with existing housing and population needs.”

The Saving Sully and Lavernock organisation and other local groups pledged to offer their opposition to the scheme.

Cllrs Mahoney and Bob Penrose said that the implications of the development will affect Penarth, Cosmeston and Sully and issued an appeal for help from anyone with expertise who may be be able to assist in successfully opposing the development.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “Welsh Government-owned land at Cosmeston, Penarth has been proposed for residential development by the Vale council in it’s Local Development Plans.

“Our officials are currently progressing a range of studies associated with bringing the land forward for development. The latest public consultation event took place in September.”