TODAY, October 31, was supposed to be the day the UK leaves the European Union.

As I write this, the European Union have just granted a “fl-extension” until January 31, because the House of Commons has still not passed the Withdrawal Agreement.

Whatever your views on Brexit, it is frankly shameful of this rotten parliament that rather than get on and deliver the result of the referendum, there have been far too many opposition MPs who have instead decided to play narrow minded political games.

The supposed “clever” use of parliamentary procedure may seem like a good idea in the Westminster bubble, but the public see right through it.

The so-called “surrender bill” was just one example, designed by remain-backing MPs to weaken the prime minister’s negotiating hand with Brussels.

Against the odds, he managed to persuade the EU to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement, and we now have a good deal that will enable our country to prosper.

But those MPs who kept saying their motive was to stop no-deal have now found new reasons to oppose this deal too.

If the pretence was ever there, it has now gone. Their sole motive has been about blocking Brexit.

I have long thought the only way out of this is a general election.

The British people need to be given the opportunity to have a clear out of those politicians who said one thing to get elected and have done another in office.

All Labour and Conservative MPs were elected on manifestos explicitly promising to respect and honour the referendum result.

The people of Penarth deserve better than this.

Earlier this month, I was present on the steps of the Senedd as the petition to save the Sam Davies ward at Barry Hospital was presented to the Assembly.

I joined other local representatives and campaigners from Unison to receive the petition, and send a clear message on the health board’s proposals.

Under the plans, the 23-bed older persons rehabilitation ward will close, with services transferring either to the community or Llandough Hospital.

Local opinion in Barry is quite clear that the ward should stay, while in Llandough, further expansion of the hospital will cause further pressures on the village.

You won’t often catch me standing alongside Unison, but on this we completely agree.

These plans need to be dropped.

The Royal British Legion have officially launched the 2019 Poppy Appeal, and as ever, I am delighted to pledge my support.

It is crucial we commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedoms, including those from Penarth.

Wearing a poppy is an understated yet clear way of demonstrating that, and it also raises vital funds to support current and former servicemen and women and their families.

It is often misunderstood as condoning or celebrating war, and that could not be further from the truth. It is respecting those who have fallen.

I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Royal British Legion for their work.