HALLOWE’EN may have just come and gone but many in Penarth are already casting their eyes towards Christmas.

Mark Hole of Penarth is one such man, having produced his own set of Christmas cards of Penarth in the snow for charity - but he is looking for sponsors to help with the costs.

"Last year, it was just a photo of Penarth in the snow," he said. "It was actually St David's Day, but I thought it looked quite Christmassy!

"I've levelled it up this year, after we sold 4-500 with just that picture. This year, we got Frank Collict, a local artist in to do another card - this time a painting of Penarth Pier in the snow.

All the profits from the cards go to the Tabernacle Church foodbank. After last year's run was paid for out of pocket by Mr Hole, he sought a sponsor, and found one in the form of Welsh energy supplier Our Footprints, who have covered the costs of printing and advertising in full.

"They've been fantastic - thanks to them, 100 per cent of the profits are going to the food bank," said Mr Hole.

"I moved back to Penarth three years ago after suffering a breakdown in Brighton. The foodbank there was essential in getting me back on my feet.

"Every Thursday they do drop ins for people to pick up parcels, and do social breakfast mornings. It's a brilliant place run by volunteers and I'm just happy to do something to give back to them.

"There's also a memorial on the back to a friend of mine who passed away this year, as a mark of respect to him and his husband."

Cards can be brought from Snells, Four Ways Newsagents and Gifts and Number Nine from the beginning of November for £2. All profits from the sale of the card will go to the Tabernacle Food bank.

Mr Hole said: "We've sold about 80 so far this year, though the shops have had 200 delivered each - there's been a lot of interest.

"I've probably sent about 30 to friends and family so far, and my mum's put an order in of course.

"I do love Christmas - it's my favourite time of year!"