TRAGEDY was narrowly averted over the weekend, after a man’s dog collapsed after possibly ingesting poison illegally left out for foxes in Penarth.

Mark Hole, of Penarth, had to rush his dog Reggie to the Cardiff PDSA Pet Hospital after he collapsed following a walk in the Paget Road and the Dingle area, and believes he ingested poison left out to target the fox population in the area.

“I didn’t manage to catch him eating it this time but it’s common knowledge that someone has been putting down poison and removing hedges for the foxes around the area for a while, around Paget Road and down the Dingle,” said Mr Hole.

“We think Reggie ate some of it, and collapsed over the weekend.

“He’s getting better now though at least, standing up and walking around, he’s definitely getting there.

“Share the news if you know any doggy people, they need to be aware.”

A spokeswoman for the PDSA confirmed Reggie’s condition was symptomatic of poisoning, though said it would be impossible to determine the exact cause.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “We can confirm we received a call from a Penarth resident who believed his dog may have been poisoned by eating something unknown while out walking in the park and wooded area opposite Paget Road, Penarth.

“The resident didn’t witness his dog eating anything during the walk and at this stage there is no evidence that any crime has taken place. However, we have provided advice to the resident.

“If anyone has any information about this, they are asked to contact police on 101 quoting ref: 1900416989.”

If you need practical help with foxes you should contact a pest control professional for advice.

The British Pest Control Association website is useful for finding a suitable pest control professional.

People who do use poisons for foxes illegally can face substantial fines and a prison sentence.