WITH a date set of December 12, campaigning in Penarth for the General Election has begun. Here’s our overview of the area.

Cardiff South and Penarth, the largest constituency in Wales was created in 1983, and has been held by Labour since its creation. It encompasses parts of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, running from Grangetown, through Penarth to Sully.

The candidates standing in Cardiff South and Penarth are:

Labour - Stephen Doughty

Conservative - Philippa Broom

Liberal Democrats - Dan Schmeising

Plaid Cymru - Nasir Adam

Greens - Ken Barker

Brexit Party - Tim Price

Key Facts

Vote share for top three parties in the last (2017) election:

1. Labour: 30,182 votes (59.5 per cent)

2. Conservative: 15,318 (30.2 per cent)

3. Plaid Cymru: 2,162 (4.3 per cent)

Population: 116,462

Electorate (number eligible to vote): 76,499

Of those aged 65 or over: 16,568

Unemployment: 2,915 people, or 5 per cent (UK: 3.9 per cent)

Average weekly pay: £570 (UK: £580)

Average house price: £180,000 (UK: £235,000)