JUST under 3,000 motorists were caught drink-driving in Wales last year, new data shows.

A Freedom of Information request by Confused.Com found that 2,913 drivers were caught, with 293 in December alone.

South Wales saw the highest number of drink-driving offences with 1,795 motorists caught drink-driving in the area.

And further research from the car insurance comparison website found that 32 per cent of motorists would feel safe driving after two or more drinks.

“With many of us enjoying celebrations with friends and family, we need to clue up on the drink-drive laws, as it’s clear so many people are taking the risk and driving after a drink,” said Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com.

The drink-driving limit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.


According to Confused.com’s poll of 2,000 adults, more than half (55 per cent) of over 55s admitted to driving after drinking; when it comes to the sexes, men are almost three times more likely to be prosecuted for drink-driving compared to women.

And while drivers leave an average of eight hours before driving the night before, nearly two in five (37 per cent) of drivers who were over the limit drove the morning after, assuming the alcohol had worn off.

Ms Stretton added: “Surprisingly, the morning after seems to be a prime time for drink-drivers.

“But how long do we need to wait before we can drive?

“Working out units versus hours passed is confusing at the best of times, so we’ve released our morning after calculator to estimate when you should be safe to drive."

You can try the calculator by clicking here.