A SCHOOLGIRL has been invited to tour the Canary Wharf Tower, in London, after she created an impressive costume of the building.

Phoebe Logan, considering what she would do for Albert Primary School’s immersion day, decided she wanted to go as the iconic capital city building on Friday, November 29.

The subject for the year 2 pupils was construction and many of the children chose to go as architects and construction worker.

Her mum then posted a video on Twitter of Phoebe in her "Canary Wharf " outfit and it caught the eye of Canary Wharf staff.

Phoebe’s dad, Fergus Logan said: “The marketing team at Canary Wharf immediately got in touch to express their joy at seeing the video on Twitter of Phoebe dressed as the tower and to say how keen they were to meet her.

“As a result, Phoebe has been invited to a VIP tour of Canary Wharf and to go up to the viewing gallery at the top of the tower along with some other special treats whilst she is there.

“As always, Albert Primary School's immersion days provide the springboard for learning opportunities not only in school but across the UK.

“It’s a towering achievement.”