THE Vale council recently marked Welsh Language Rights Day with a series events at the Civic Offices.

It fell on Friday, November 29 and represented an opportunity for public organisations to promote the rights Welsh speakers have to use the language.

A choir sang Welsh hymns and carols, while Menter Bro Morgannwg and Dysgu Cymraeg y Fro highlighted the opportunities to learn Welsh that are available.

This was accompanied by a social media campaign that featured a video from the council’s Welsh-speaking managing director Rob Thomas.

Welsh Government has set out plans to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050 as part of their Cymraeg 2050 initiative.

"An increasing number of our residents are exercising their rights and requesting services through the medium of Welsh,” said Mr Thomas

“As a result, I am witnessing an increase in the amount of Welsh being spoken within our offices.

"This is really positive and I welcome the opportunity to speak in Welsh in and around the office on a regular basis.”