Vandalised Christmas trees will not be fixed before Christmas, the town council have confirmed.

Three Christmas trees situated in the town centre have been attacked in act of vandalism and it is unlikely that they will be fixed before Christmas, Penarth Town Council has said.

The trees, which were erected on a roundabout overlooked by the Rotary Club Watchtower, were attacked yesterday evening at approximately 6.45pm.

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Penarth Town Council and Production 78, who designed this year’s festive installation, say they “take this action very seriously” and have referred CCTV footage of the incident to the police.

According to the town council, this incident is part of a wider trend in which local decorations and shop windows have been targeted throughout the Christmas period.

A local resident reported the incident on her way home from work yesterday evening.

The trees are unlikely to be fixed or replaced in the short period of time before Christmas.

Locals have expressed concern online, with one writing: “Very disturbing and disappointing. This is a symbol of hope, joy and peace.”