Trixie the Triceratops and friends visit local primary school and delight pupils.

Children at Albert Primary School received a visit last week from Ronnie the T-Rex, a four-metre long model dinosaur, as part of an interactive lesson.

Ranger Chris, who founded the dinosaur entertainment company, Dino4hire, introduced the reception class to a range of learning material and activities.

The children studied replica eggs, claws and original fossils as Ranger Chris explained the life and eventual extinction of the dinosaurs.

They also had the opportunity to watch dinosaur eggs hatch and got up close with a range of creatures from the Cretaceous Period.

One of these was Ronnie the T- Rex, a four-metre long interactive Tyrannosaurus.

Dino4hire has 10 dinosaurs in its range, including four walking dinosaurs, interactive puppets and props

Its founder, Ranger Chris, offers expertise on the evolution of bird and dinosaur ecosystems.