PUPILS from Albert Primary School, Penarth, have developed new travel maps with the walking and cycling charity, Sustrans, and the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

On Monday, January 20, Year 5 pupils from Albert Primary took part in a project to identify good quality walking and cycling areas in Penarth.

The final aim of the project is to create an Active Travel Map using feedback gathered by the children.

The map will be developed by the children to encourage higher levels of active travel to school.

During the workshop, the children reviewed existing maps of Penarth to make them more intuitive. The pupils were then asked to redesign the maps by using their knowledge of the local area. They identified key landmarks, short cuts and potential barriers to walking and cycling.

The pupils also developed a set of symbols and a map key which will be used in the new map.

Sustrans also held a parent engagement workshop where they invited families to identify routes that they and their children use.

Sustrans will produce a bilingual pocket-sized travel map which will be available to students, staff and parents for free.