PENARTH’S local environmental group, Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG), will be marking their 10th anniversary next week with a public discussion on climate change.

The aim of ‘Penarth 2020’ is to consider how other towns have carried out successful projects to tackle the climate emergency and to consult local people about their own priorities.

The event will feature the following speakers: Kate Hamilton, Director of Renew Wales; Steve Westlake, Cardiff University; Haydn Cullen-Jones, Transition Monmouth; and 3 representatives of Penarth Youth Action

The meeting will identify a list of priorities and aims to be addressed throughout 2020.

GPG chairman, Gideon Calder, said: “Most of us would do more if we could, to help address the climate emergency but often people are unsure about how best to act.

“As a community, we can help turn personal concerns into concerted action.

“That’s the aim of our Penarth 2020 project, starting this month.”

GPG’s previous projects include the successful Shop Penarth scheme, which encouraged the use of local shops, the Penarth Food Festival, the Plastic Free Penarth campaign and the planting of an orchard at Cosmeston.

Founding member, Tricia Griffiths, said:

“The group began with a public discussion on what we can achieve as a community, to make a difference to our environment.

“As we enter our second decade, we felt it the perfect time to return to that conversation.

“We want to find out what current residents want to act on – and help find ways of making that happen.”

Penarth 2020 will began at 7pm on Thursday January 30 in Saint Augustine’s Parish Hall,Albert Road.

For further information on this event and the work which is done by GPG, visit: or Twitter at @gpgpenarth.