It was a busy first week back in parliament and the constituency. I will continue to speak up for constituents and hold this government robustly to account as I promised on a whole series of issues from Brexit, to poverty and the Climate Emergency.

We all however face a difficult few years ahead under a majority Johnson government. It’s more crucial than ever we re-elect a Welsh Labour Government in 2021. But must also find a new UK Labour Leader who has what takes to unite, win, and ensure the UK Labour Party has a credible vision fit for the world of the 2020s and 2030s – and a Leader capable of speaking for and winning the confidence of the whole country.

I was delighted to see so many talented and thoughtful colleagues putting themselves forward for election. There are things being said by many that we need to listen to.

But, after speaking to many of the candidates personally, and asking them all tough questions - I am backing Keir Starmer for Leader. I think he’s got what it takes to hold this government immediately and robustly to account; to build a team of all the talents; and crucially that he has the vision, ideas and credibility to win again.

Keir joined me on the streets of Penarth speaking to voters and local businesses during the election campaign – and it was clear by the warmth of the reception he received that he is someone who has the immediate credibility and credentials to be our future prime minister, and would work in partnership with Welsh Labour.

He has crucial experience of public service and confronting powerful vested interests for the good of the country. He acted to prosecute MPs who had abused expenses and Murdoch journalists in the phone-hacking scandal when he was Director of Public Prosecutions.

We need to win back these voters that we lost in the last general election. It was heart-breaking on election night, to see Labour lose places like Wrexham and Bridgend.

The UK Labour Party must get back to being a party that voters’ can trust. That means we cannot just have a “one more heave” approach. We need someone who can speak to the whole of our country, not just one region or subset of voters, with the values and vision to win. Keir fits the bill.