A LOCAL greening society has announced that it is giving away 500 seedlings to Penarth residents in order to improve the town’s tree coverage.

The Penarth Tree Forum, which is part of the Civic Society, is committed to promoting and maintaining the urban tree canopy in Penarth.

The group’s main focus this spring will be on the planting of urban garden trees.

500 young trees will be given away on a first-come-first-served basis to Penarth residents.

There will be four types, including Birch, Rowan, Bird Cherry, and Wild Cherry, which the group says are suitable for garden growth.

The trees have been supplied by the Woodland Trust’s Urban Programme and will be given away on Saturday February 29 from 9.30am onwards at the St Fagan’s Pub on Glebe Street, Penarth.

Joe Coles, Urban Programme Leader for the Woodland Trust, said:

“The Trust’s Urban programme was launched in 2017 in response to an increasing demand from the public for support in protecting trees- specifically trees on streets.

“With the budget cuts faced by councils it is ever more difficult to properly plant and maintain urban trees, but we want to show that through engaging communities in projects they can unlock lots of enthusiastic support.

“Trees in front gardens are a fantastic way to bring trees to streets and share the benefits of our own green space with friends and neighbours.

The Penarth Tree Forum is supported in this project by Russell Horsey, a member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, who will be present on the day to provide planting advice.

Russell will also be speaking about the importance of urban trees at an open meeting of the Tree Forum to be held on Thursday February 27 at 7pm in St Augustine’s Church.

The group says that this will be an opportunity to contribute to the future wellbeing of the tree canopy in Penarth.