PENARTH will be one of the areas to be combed by detector vans when the “television licence counter evasion campaign” is launched in Cardiff next week.

The campaign will be launched by Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mr John Stonehouse on Tuesday, February 17.

After a news conference the Minister will wave off a fleet of six detector vans which will then take a tour of the city before separating to start their detection throughout a 200 square mile area, including Penarth and Barry.

The Cardiff campaign is part of the Ministry’s spring drive to track down licence evaders throughout the country.

At the launching of the national campaign in London last autumn it was estimated that there were 1,200,000 householders evading payments.

But this number has since been considerably reduced.

A PENARTH milk delivery firm has expanded so much in the last four years that its present depot in Queens Road is now becoming inadequate, the local Council was told last week.

Members agreed to support a planning application to Glamorgan County Council by Arthur J. Lear Ltd., for a change of use of a warehouse and yard at the rear of 103 Windsor Road to a refrigerated store for milk and a depot for vehicles.

Mr Lear told the Council: “I have been trading in the area for about four years in which time my business has grown too big for the premises in Queens Road.

“To provide a proper service to the general public it is essential that the premises should be as close as possible to the customers and the site at the rear of Windsor Road would fulfil this need.”

Mr Lear said that although the milk floats would leave the depot early in the morning, there would be no noise problem with the silent electric motors and modern plastic crates.

Members agreed to support the planning application which will be determined by the County Council, subject to safeguards restricting noise.