FROM the archives this week: The River Ely frozen over in January 1963 courtesy of Mervyn Henderson. This photograph was taken from Penarth Dock following a period of intense cold in the winter of 1963.

Between Boxing Day 1962 and New Years Eve, Penarth experienced a period of heavy snowfall and began 1963 blanketed in white. According to a local history of the town, the main roads were hemmed in by walls of snow and almost every school was forced to close.

The Arctic conditions were 'the worst in living memory' and snow drifts reached 10 to 15 feet in some areas.

By the end of January 1963, the River Ely and large swathes of the Bristol Channel were frozen over.

Penarth Beach was covered in large ice floes.

During January, frost occurred on 30 nights and snow fell on eight days.

The frigid conditions persisted into February during which time the Town Surveyor's department received 856 calls for help.

A grand total of £13,000 was spent to clear snow and ice from the roads.

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