ALTHOUGH we have thankfully avoided the worst effects of Storm Dennis here in Penarth, I thought it would wrong not to mention the devastating impacts of the floods not too far away from here.

My own South Wales Central region stretches from Penderyn in the north to Penarth in the south, and lots of my constituents in Pontypridd and the Valleys have been hit hard.

I paid a visit to Pontypridd last week to meet a young man whose street had been flooded, and it’s quite clear the damage will take many months to sort.

The Welsh Government must ensure this stays at the top of the agenda after the weather has passed.

We need to ensure the long term effects are all put right, and we put in place stronger defences to prevent other communities suffering in future.

Local photographer Nigel Whitbread from Rhoose ran a fantastic project last year, capturing some inspiring images from the Homeless World Cup, held in Cardiff in July and August.

The collection is currently on display at Foxy’s Deli on Victoria Road, and Nigel very kindly invited me to visit and take a look.

It is known as “Dragons Warriors” – an appropriate name taken from Welsh actor Michael Sheen’s passionate speech at the tournament’s opening ceremony.

Funds raised from the collection will be used to highlight the issue of homelessness, and will go to charities associated with the project.

A Crowdfund page is currently operating, so please do consider going online and give generously.

I would definitely recommend paying a visit and taking the chance to appreciate Nigel’s inspiring work.

For many years, I have been a key supporter of the reintroduction of standing at top flight football matches in the UK, and have constantly campaigned on the issue.

The concept of “safe standing” is now gaining a lot of traction, and in the past few weeks the UK government have moved a step closer towards its reintroduction.

Sports Minister Nigel Adams has now confirmed that he is “keen to deliver” it, and has commissioned the Sports Ground Safety Authority to produce a report.

On hearing this news, I took the opportunity to raise it in the Senedd with Welsh Government Minister Lord Elis-Thomas, and asked what action he had taken to support the reintroduction of safe standing facilities at football grounds in Wales.

Disappointingly, he confirmed that no such action has been taken to date.

It is absolutely vital the Welsh Government are proactive on this, since things are moving fast and Wales must keep up.