Pupils from Albert Road Primary School recently took part in a mono-printing workshop with local artists, focusing on the town’s history and how it has changed over the centuries.

Art duo, Pandora Vaughan and Huw Owen,'V and O,' delivered the workshop to the school’s Eco Group, who have been studying their local environment.

The pupils discussed what heritage meant to them and the historic transformation of the town. They considered how everyday life has evolved for the residents of Penarth and identified which aspects of the area were important to them.

They then created mono-prints, inspired by their ideas of place, nature, and wider environmental issues, key venues and buildings, and other things they valued and enjoyed doing.

Cabinet Member for Leisure, Arts and Culture, Councillor Kathryn McCaffer joined the students for the workshop. She said: “This was a brilliant opportunity for these young people to work with professional artists whilst also engaging with their town’s rich culture.

“The workshop is part of a wider consultation process to develop art works for the seating areas along Paget Road, and so it was incredibly valuable to have the input of Penarth’s younger generation in the shaping of its future.”

As part of the consultation process, the Vale of Glamorgan Council have commissioned Pandora Vaughan and Huw Owen to undertake a program of community engagement events with residents. Penarth residents are invited to attend and share their ideas to help develop new creative interpretations for the Paget Road site.

If you would like to take part in the project, please contact: tcharding@valeoflgmaorgan.gov.uk.

Alternatively, you can call Arts Development on: 01446 709805.