THESE are the opening hours, restrictions and delivery changes that the major supermarkets are implementing to help stop panic-buying.


- Opening hours: All stores will be closing at 10pm to restock.

- Restrictions: There is a maximum purchase of three for each item and multi-buy promotions have been axed. There is also a two-item maximum purchase on toilet roll and paracetamol.

- Deliveries: Customers are being asked to go to physical stories to free up delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable.

- What Tesco has said? Dave Lewis, Tesco CEO:

"At Tesco, we have been doing everything we can to keep business as usual, but we now have to accept it is not business as usual.

“In the last two weeks, we have seen significant and prolonged increases in demand across all of our stores and this is leading to shortages in some products for some customers.

"Reacting to the latest government announcements, we have to plan on this situation being the new normal and we will do all that we can to make the food you want available, but we need your help."

Coronavirus in Wales locations


- Opening times: 24-hour stores to close between 12am and 6am to allow for restocking.

Opening until 9am has also been allocated as a priority time for the elderly and vulnerable.

- Restrictions: Like Tesco, they are restricting purchases to a maximum of three to any product.

- Deliveries: Asking customers to consider less popular delivery times.

- What has Asda said? Asda CEO Roger Burnley:

"We’re working around the clock to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep products available.

"I’d also ask that you try to shop responsibly and not buy more than you need so that everyone, including the vulnerable, have access to the essentials."

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- Opening times: No changes to opening hours, check your local store.

But the first hour of opening is prioritised for the vulnerable and elderly.

- Restrictions: They’ve placed a maximum purchase of three of any grocery product and a maximum of two for toilet rolls, soaps and UHT milk.

- Deliveries: Priority access to online delivery slots will be given to customers aged over 70 or to the disabled from Monday, March 23.

They are also expanding their click and collect service and increasing the number of collection sites across the county.

- What has Sainsbury’s said? CEO Mike Coupe said:

“As we work to feed the nation, we are also focusing all of our efforts on getting as much food and other essential items from our suppliers, into our warehouses and onto shelves as we possibly can.

“We still have enough food for everyone – if we all just buy what we need for us and our families.”

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- Opening hours: There are no changes to opening hours. Check your local store’s opening hours here.

- Restrictions: They have imposed restrictions on cleaning products. Bleach is now capped at six per person and two for hand sanitisers.

- Deliveries: There is a cap of three items per customer on every product line for online orders. Also creating 3,500 more jobs as it seeks to widen its delivery service.

- What has Morrisons said? CEO David Potts said:

"Whilst customers are stocking up, our colleagues are working around the clock to fill our stores with what you need, to serve our customers and communities and take care of one another when we need each other most.

"We want to let you know that looking after our customers and colleagues is our priority at Morrisons, ensuring we all have a clean, safe place to shop and work.

"We are following guidance provided by the Government, working closely with our suppliers and ensuring we collectively do everything possible to help the country in these challenging times.”


- Opening hours: Aldi’s opening times will shorten, closing at 8pm. You can check your local store here.

- Restrictions: Shoppers are only allowed to buy four of each item.

- What has Aldi said? CEO Giles Hurley

“I’m sure, like me, you are also concerned about those who are vulnerable at this time. Not everyone has the financial or practical resources to buy in bulk, including our elderly customers.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure we only buy what we and our families need. If we shop as we normally do, our stores will quickly return to normal.”

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Lidl has not introduced any restrictions.

A spokeswoman for Lidl told us: "Our teams are working very hard to ensure that all customers continue to have access to all of the products that they need.

"We continue to be mindful of government advice regarding those who are considered to be at risk and have taken the decision not to implement certain measures that may contradict this.

"Nevertheless, we are continually looking at opportunities to support the most vulnerable people within our communities, whilst ensuring that we are also supporting those that are playing a critical role in caring for them."

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