MEMBERS of the Welsh Assembly today gave their consent to emergency legislation which was heard in the House of Commons yesterday, and is likely to be nodded through by the House of Lords tomorrow.

While a piece of UK legislation, the devolved governments of the United Kingdom still had to give consent to the Coronavirus bill in what is called a legislative consent motion.

Welsh Conservatives have welcomed the passing, and the provisions the bill will bring to slow and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The bill is temporary and will last for two years, though it requires parliamentary review every six months.

Paul Davies AM, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly said:

“There was little doubt that this vital legislative consent motion would be consented to, and it’s another hurdle crossed to keep the authorities free to take the action required to defeat this pandemic.

“It being given consent is evidence, were it needed, that whatever our varied political persuasions, at a time of national crisis we will work together for our people, and our country.”

The emergency legislation will allow the extraordinary measures announced by the prime minister yesterday to be implemented with the full force of the law.

It will allow the authorities to restrict events and shut down premises such as pubs and restaurants. Failure of the venue's owners to comply could result in a fine.