IF you were to walk by Rhos Ddu, Penarth, on an evening, you would hear a chorus of voices singing along to karaoke tunes projected from a thumping stereo-speaker.

Families up and down the street would be waving their arms from windows and children would be dancing in their driveways.

Scenes such as this one have become a regular occurrence at Rhos Ddu, where neighbours have banded together to beat the lock-down blues by doing a ‘Sing-along at Seven’ every day of the week.

Each evening, families from more than 12 households sing along to classic songs by legends including the Beatles, the Jackson Five, and Queen.

Sarah Lerway, who lives on Rhos Ddu with her family, described the communal atmosphere: “We’re quite a close-knit neighbourhood.

“There’s quite a few children who go to the local schools who are always out playing, so they’re really missing each other.

“They’re obviously very anxious and they’re not seeing any of their friends at school or in the neighbourhood.

“So one of our neighbours had the idea.

“You either stand on your doorstep and there are a lot of people hanging out of their windows.

“We have a WhatsApp group and someone will suggest a song each morning so everyone can download the words.

“One of our neighbours has a huge speaker which they set up in the garden and they blare out the music.

“Some of us go out and dance in the street, keeping at a safe distance of course.

“In the past we’ve had street parties for the Royal Wedding.

“We’ve done Easter Egg hunts for the kids. So we’ve always done a lot together as a community so this is just a way of keeping in touch and keeping spirits up. We’ve become a friendship group.

“It’s really making a difference and its getting bigger every day.”

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