A LOCAL café has started a regular food delivery service to support frontline staff and their patients who are suffering from Covid-19 at Llandough Hospital.

The co-owners of Willmore’s 1938 on Stanwell Road, Matthew Holland and Charlotte Court, have delivered over 200 meals to frontline facilities in Penarth since the beginning of the pandemic, including the Marie Curie Hospice on Bridgeman Road.

Now the pair have plans to extend their operations.

They have raised over £2000 for the charitable cause, which includes money collected in a fundraiser by the community support group, Helping Hands Penarth.

“We closed the shop three weeks ago and used all the leftover stock to do the first delivery to the hospital”, explained Matthew.

“We’ve all got to be doing something and we felt like we had to utilize the shop and give something back to the guys that are putting their lives at risk.

“Penarth is a really small town and you’ve just got to try and support each other as much as possible.

“I think you’ve got to step up and do as much as you can, if you can. We’ve got the capacity to do it.”

Matthew went on to describe the atmosphere at Llandough Hospital.

“We’re both in Penarth and we’ve lived here all our lives. Its important to us that we support it as much as possible.

“Its uplifting being able to do that. It was so emotional being able to see the nurses on the Covid ward.

“For me and Charlotte it was very humbling because those guys are putting their lives at risk and they’re asking for stuff for patients, not for themselves.

“We were quite tearful because we didn’t want to leave them there – but they’re doing it day in-day out without batting an eyelid. Amazing people.”

Alongside their charitable work, Matthew and Charlotte have adapted to the challenging economic climate by introducing a delivery service for their customers.

The pair have been working without the support of their staff who they had to furlough after the government closed all non-essential shops.

“We’ve started doing take-out because we can’t afford to do nothing for three months. We’ll lose the shop”, said Matthew.

“We’ll continue to do these drop offs for the hospital as long as people fund it, and we’ll continue to do our take-out service.

“Because for shops and restaurants I think its going to be long term.

“We might be in this for six months before we can open to the public.

“As long as we get the support and people keep shopping locally, then yes we can get through it.

“Running a business is a constant challenge and you don’t ever stop having to adapt.”