THE Vale of Glamorgan Camera Club is a space for readers to admire the talent that local photographers have to offer.

The club is an online forum for amateur photographers across the region who are looking to get their images published in the Penarth Times.

At a time when we may feel constricted and disconnected from the outside world, this week’s photographs remind us of the opportunities to find solace in nature.

The photograph of the heron soaring over the Cardiff Bay Wetlands was taken by Neil Latham.

John Wilson contributed his photograph of a wren with its beak open wide in mid-call.

A group of swans digging into lunch at Cosmeston Country Park were photographed by Kathy Edwards.

Highlighting how we have domesticated nature in our own homes, Tina Haydon’s photo shows a dog looking longingly from a window.

What are you doing to keep yourselves and your families entertained while in self-isolation?

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