A PHOTOGRAPHER who has been able to work since the coronavirus lockdown has taken to the streets to capture life on the inside.

Mum-of-one, Katrina Dimech is normally a photographer and videographer and teacher at Shutter Hire Kids Photography Club, but instead she decided to use her skills to raise money for the charity - Anna’s Rescue Centre, in Cardiff, from where she got her cat, Rocky.

Miss Dimech, 32, of Penarth, took portraits of families stood on their doorsteps locally as a personal project, on Friday May 15.

And she hopes to stage an exhibition when conditions allow.

She said: “I had lost all motivation.

“My camera had been sitting in a bag unused for eight weeks and I was getting far too used to sitting in my pyjamas all day.

“The aim was to capture this strange moment in history and to be able to do what I love - get out and take photographs while following government guidelines.

“I haven’t been able to work since March and photography is a huge part of my lifestyle and happiness.

“I have been able to create beautiful memories for these families.

“Back in March our family adopted a beautiful family cat, Rocky, from Anna’s Rescue Centre in Rumney,” she said. “We were amazed to discover how much work this charity was doing in rescuing, rehabilitating, caring for, and rehoming cats and kittens.

“I realised that I could use this opportunity to raise some money for the charity by combining my doorstep photography project as a fundraiser.

"Donations were not compulsory.

“During lockdown this money is very much needed to feed the surplus cats that currently can’t be rehomed due to vets not neutering at this time, but also to help towards any upkeep or vets bills.

“Myself and my partner visited 27 homes beginning at 11am and finishing at 6:30pm.

“We met some amazing families and thoroughly enjoyed our day out.

“We have plans to attempt one more session in Dinas Powys, Sully, and Barry.”

She said: “When I started the project I was worried that I wouldn’t find much to photograph and that it would be difficult to find inspiration on someone’s doorstop.

“I was wrong.

“Each family has a very different dynamic and portrait photography is all about allowing different personalities shine through.

“The images were intended to be natural, raw, and a reflection of the times and I feel that I have achieved that outcome with the help of those who took part.”

Miss Dimech and her partner allowed 15 minutes for each household.

“It was amazing to meet so many new faces and to catch up with some of my previous clients," she said. “Each household was extremely thankful and it was a blessing to have that social interaction that most of us have all been craving.

“Working with people is what I do best.

“I am a chatterbox who thrives on social interaction.

“Each family had a different story to tell, some were still working, furloughed, bored or enjoying lockdown.

“I met animals, children, grandparents, parents, it was a great mix.

“Meeting new people and wielding a camera just makes my heart sing.

"I came home after a long day just bursting with excitement to start editing.

“Once this is all over and the pandemic is just a memory I have plans to use these images as part of a photography exhibition and once donations have stopped coming in I have plans to visit the cattery to hand over cat food and cash."

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