PENARTH residents have been having their say following the most unusual of bank holidays.

Pictures and videos appeared on social media on Monday of groups of people sitting on the benches along the seafront, and groups of people gathering along the front.

Currently, lockdown measures are still in place in Wales, and friends and families are not allowed to meet.

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The Welsh Government regulations state “you can only exercise alone or with a member of your household.”

South Wales Police did not disclose if any people had been issued with a fine for breaking lockdown, but a spokesman said “Our approach is to engage, explain and encourage people to follow the regulations.

“We only apply [a Fixed Penalty Notice] as a last resort.

“It’s a matter for the individual to ensure they follow the regulations.”

Some Penarth residents said they were concerned by the number of people along the seafront on Monday.

Melanie Regan, 50, said she didn’t feel safe to walk along the seafront with her husband due to the number of people there.

“It is so busy out there we don’t even walk out there,” she said. “The bank holiday was packed, but it is not just the bank holidays.

“With the amount of traffic and cars parked, it’s not just local people either.

“We don’t feel safe going out there.”

Michelle Crow, from Penarth, said: “While I was on my daily exercise walk with my dogs it felt like Windsor Road into Penarth was quite busy considering we are supposed to be in lockdown.”

However, other residents said the number of people at the seafront was not more than expected and everyone was following the guidance.

Mary Taylor, from Penarth, said: “We were having our exercise along the promenade on Sunday.

“Yes, most seats were occupied, there were people stood in between but on the whole they were appropriately socially distancing.

“Most car park spaces were full and there were some people on the beach so while I would agree that there were a lot out, it just wasn’t quite as bad as portrayed when we were there.”

Another Penarth resident, Andy Scott, said: “Although people were out and about everybody was behaving themselves and adhered to Welsh Government guidelines on lockdown. Parks were being used properly with people respecting the social distancing policy.”