SOUTH WALES Police and Vale Council Enforcement have responded to reports of groups of youths flouting lockdown guidelines congregating at Cosmeston Lake.

A number of reports have been circulating on social media of large groups of youths at the lake, and photos have since emerged of a group congregating on Tuesday evening.

On Thursday, Vale Council Enforcement workers were at Cosmeston making sure there was no repeat of the scenes.

A post on their social media pages reads: ''Enforcement Officers and colleagues from South Wales Police Vale of Glamorgan have been patrolling Cosmeston Country Park this afternoon, following concerns of antisocial behaviour and littering there.

''A number of people have been spoken with and the situation is being monitored."

People walking through Cosmeston on Tuesday evening said groups of youths were blaring music, and there was one party.


While South Wales Police said they were no longer commenting on individual cases, they reminded the public that lockdown guidelines are still in place.

Chief Superintendent Andy Valentine said: “The vast majority are continuing to do the right thing and are acting responsibly and cautiously. Unfortunately, there continues to be a small minority who fail to grasp the seriousness of the situation and do not seem to think the rules apply to them.

“During the past weekend alone, we were called to a number of alleged breaches, most of which transpired to be outdoor gatherings which were compliant with the rules but resulted in additional noise complaints.

“As restrictions begin to ease, I’d urge everyone to embrace the shift back towards normality, while remaining responsible and cautious. Any restrictions remaining in place will be there for good reason and should not need the enforcement of police for them to be adhered to.”