A MEETING scheduled for next Monday, July 13, to discuss how Penarth moves out of lockdown has been cancelled due to social distancing concerns.

The consultation, organised by Penarth Town Council, was to be held at the Paget Rooms, with business owners able to attend between 9.30am and 10.30am, and the public able to attend thereafter.

The consultation was to include options on how the town could improve, with representatives of the Vale council expected to be in attendance.

However, the meeting has now been cancelled as it “could not be known” how many people would attend, and a reschedule date might not be on the cards, with alternatives to a physical meeting being looked into.

A statement from Penarth Town Council reads: “The meeting the council was hoping to host on Monday 13th July stems from the town council’s priority to focus on the recovery of the town centre during the pandemic and post-Covid.


“As it could not be known how many people from the general public would participate and ensuring compliance with the Coronavirus Health Regulations, a rethink on how the consultation takes place was necessary.

“The town council remains in constant contact with community and town centre groups to maintain the momentum of future plans being progressed.

“Alternative ways in consulting will be considered alongside the continued dialogue with the hospitality sector and wider town retailers.”

Up to now, plans put forward by the Vale council such as traffic measures impacting parking in the town have received criticism. Some parking bays in the town centre have since been made available.