PENARTH Town Council will soon be inviting views of residents and business owners regarding the pedestrianisation of parts of Windsor Road and Lower Glebe Street, according to stakeholders.

The mooted proposals, supported by members of Penarth Civic Society and Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG), are likely to be for a two-month trial period in August and September, in view of potentially making the changes more permanent.

The aim of the plans, which have been discussed by members of the council, thought up at a meeting between town councillors at the Paget Rooms two weeks ago, is to improve consumer confidence after lockdown.

If proposals, which are expected to be put to the Vale council soon, are passed, supporters say it will create increased protected space for pedestrians around Windsor Road and Glebe Street, allowing shops and cafes to use the extra space.

A spokesman for Penarth Town Council said: “Penarth Town Council has been listening to local stakeholders and advocating for the public health of the community and Penarth’s economic resilience in these unprecedented circumstances.

“Members will shortly be releasing summary proposals for wider discussion, with a view to protecting the health of Penarth’s residents and visitors and allowing its local economy to thrive.”

A survey is expected to be available on the Penarth Town Council website on Friday, for residents to share their views prior to the proposals being put to the Vale council.

Cllr Nigel Humphrey said councillors are particularly concerned about the “commercial viability of Penarth town centre and jobs”, with footfall across Wales still low despite shops reopening.

Gideon Calder of GPG is a keen supporter of the plans.

“Our town centre needs our support, and what's vital is that people feel safe to visit, spend more time in our town centre, and make the most of our local shops and cafés,” he said.

Anne Evans of Penarth Civic Society added: “These proposals would provide safe pedestrian zones to help increase footfall in the town centre, ensure that there is vital outdoor space for cafés and restaurants, and increase the amount of town centre parking.

“There is a vital conversation to have about the future of our town - and this is a vital time to have it.”