THE VALE of Glamorgan Council has written to licenced premises around Penarth Esplanade asking for their support in tackling issues relating to excessive alcohol consumption.

And next week the Council’s Cabinet will also consider whether to introduce a Public Space Protection Order in the area, meaning drinking alcohol there would be strictly controlled.

If the order is implemented, Police and Council Enforcement Officers would have the power to confiscate alcohol and issue Fixed Penalty Notices to those who ignore restrictions.

With some businesses now allowed to sell alcohol on a take away basis or for consumption in their own outdoor areas, there are suggestions this is causing problems in some cases.

The Council has received reports of groups congregating outside certain premises, that proper social distancing is not always being observed and incidents of anti-social behaviour are taking place.

Council Leader Neil Moore and Managing Director Rob Thomas have sent a letter to pubs, cafes and restaurants, asking for assistance in addressing recent problems, with retailers urged to be careful when selling alcohol.

Penarth Times:

Businesses have also been reminded that if irresponsible alcohol sales are identified as contributing to unacceptable behaviour, they could face enforcement action.

Cllr Neil Moore said: “I am aware of issues linked to excessive alcohol consumption affecting Penarth Esplanade and have written to local licensees asking for their help to address them.

“I appreciate this has been a difficult time for the hospitality industry and I welcome the fact many businesses have begun trading again, but the sale of alcohol must be carried out responsibly.

“Scenes of large gatherings, sometimes without proper social distancing, and incidents of anti-social behaviour are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. They threaten to damage the reputation of the Penarth Esplanade area and make it less appealing to visitors. With that in mind, it is in everyone’s interests that the Esplanade remains a safe, family friendly place for everyone to enjoy.

“I will soon discuss with my Cabinet colleagues the possibility of introducing a Public Space Protection Order at the Esplanade making it illegal to consume alcohol in public areas.

“In the meantime, Council officers will be carrying out regular checks around this location to make sure alcohol sales comply with the terms of individual licences and are not contributing to poor behaviour.”