A 12-YEAR-OLD school boy was taken to hospital with head injuries after he was assaulted by a gang of youths in a Barry island park while he was out with friends.

Whitmore High School pupil, Marley Mitchell suffered a cut to his head, on the right side just above the ear, after being hit by glass thrown by youths, in Maslin Park, on Tuesday, July 28.

His mother, Zoey Bailey said she is “absolutely devastated” that this has happened and wants to let families know to stop anyone else suffering.

Police are investigating the incident which happened around 5.30pm.


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Mrs Bailey, 37, of Barry, said: “Marley was with a group of his friends down Maslin park after not seeing them since before lockdown.

“They were all happy to be together and were enjoying their day.

“They were heading towards the new rope swing on the edge of Maslin park in the wooded area when they noticed a large group of older boys.

“They felt intimidated by this and tried to leave the site where they were.

“Marley then felt a bang to the head and noticed glass falling from his head to which his friend said: ‘Marley you’re bleeding.’

“The boys then started to run away as they were fearful.

“The group of boys continued to laugh and throw rocks and chase them through the wooded area of Maslin park.

“Marley’s friends took him to a nearby house and was given first aid by one of his friend’s mum.

“I then had a call to say what had happened.

“Marley’s friends mum dropped him home and said he was extremely quiet in the car.

“When Marley got home he had a huge nose bleed and was very vacant and quiet.”

“I was in shock that this had happened to him when he was just out having fun with his friends,” she said. “They didn’t do anything to provoke such an attack.

“I decided to take Marley to A&E.

“My husband was in work so I had to wait for my mum to collect my youngest boy so I could take Marley up to the hospital.

“We arrived at the hospital around 6.30pm and Marley was seen to pretty quick.

“He was thoroughly cleaned as there was a lot of dried blood and they checked there wasn’t any glass still in there.

“They then glued it up.

“The hospital was shocked to see that this has happened to a child and they questioned if the police were involved.

“They said he was lucky it wasn’t his face as this could have caused significant injury and scarring to his face.”

The family left the Noah’s Ark children’s hospital in Cardiff at around 8pm after taking care of Marley.

Mrs Bailey added: “Marley has lost confidence in being able to go over the Island with his friends and he had a rough night with a headache.

“He is extremely upset that people think it’s funny to hurt someone like they did for no reason at all.

“I want people to make sure they know what their children are doing and that their actions could have severe consequences on others.

“I don’t understand why children have to gang up and intimidate and hurt people.

“I think children need educating that there’s consequences to their actions and if they hurt others they could have a criminal record from it which could affect their life as well as their victims.”

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “Police in Barry are investigating a report of an assault upon a 12-year-old boy which happened around 5.30pm on Tuesday. July 28 in Maslin Park, Barry Island.

“The boy was approached by a group of around 10 youths and when he moved away from them someone threw something at him which resulted in a head injury requiring medical attention.

“Police in Barry are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 and quote reference 2000270087.”